AbcMus 2.0

Playback with a nice, definable style, via the sound card

AbcMus is a program for tunebooks in ABC format.
Main features:
-Playback with a nice, definable style, via the sound card. Makes the tunes worth listening to.
-Play only part of a tune. Simply mark the part you want to play.
-Fast search for a text through all your ABC files (composer, name, etc).
-Loose match option for search. Handy when names are spelled in several ways.
-Powerful music search to match a melody or tune, even finding transposed tunes or variations.
-Automatic chordsetting utility, transposing of tunes and other abc tools.
-Easy handling of ABC tunebooks. Copy, move and edit tunes, etc.
-Automated generation of tune lists, cheat sheets, tune indexes, etc, with flexible format.
-Import files from some other common tune file formats.
-Save tunes as MIDI files.

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